Ex-BBC News correspondent Liz MacKean has died (18th August 2017) after suffering a stroke. MacKean worked for the corporation for more than 20 years but left in 2013 amid a row over the decision to shelve her investigation into the Jimmy Savile pedophilia scandal.

Her death may well have been caused by natural causes but for those of us who know about the evil reality of political pedophilia at high levels of the UK government and in the BBC itself, questions must be raised.

“It was as an investigative reporter that she really shone, shining a light on issues from the dumping of toxic waste off the African coast to Jimmy Savile, the story for which she is probably best known.”

MacKean’s story about the child abuse committed by Jimmy Savile was dropped by Newsnight in 2011.

She’s not the first journalist at the BBC who ruffled some feathers concerning investigations into organized pedophilia networks. Plymouth journalist Jill Dando was shot dead in 1999 on the doorstep of her West London home a few years after she tried to get BBC bosses to investigate an alleged pedophile ring in the corporation.

Jill Dando had compiled a file of complaints but she was not really an investigative journalist, just a presenter. She tried to pass the information on for further investigation but no one wanted to know. The BBC said it had not seen anything to substantiate the claims.

It is well accepted among citizen and independent journalists that Jill Dando’s murder was directly linked to her knowledge of corporate and political pedophilia in the UK.

This is why Liz MacKean’s death should immediately raise questions. Are there people who feared she would one day try to get her story of political pedophilia heard more? Are there other things she knew but hadn’t yet told?