EDITORIAL: The roving eyes of UNICEF and a possible (nefarious) scenario

To help illustrate a speculative but important concern about UNICEF, one could use the Vatican as an analogy. The Vatican is the smallest state in the world, complete with its own police force, military, media conglomerate, central bank, ministry of foreign affairs, and … an intelligence agency.

Covertly referred to as “the entity”, the Vatican’s infamous intelligence agency is widely considered to be the most informed, the most entrenched, and the most insidious network of espionage in the world. The entity, like a spider, sits on top of an incredibly subtle intelligence gathering web, comprised of priestly confessors, holy orders, secret societies, and informants of all stripes stealthily embedded into every echelon of society. This pervasive network collects information from all corners of the earth, even from the most remote locations, and feeds it to the entity.

Due to its official presence and personnel in almost every country on earth, not only is the Vatican active in current world political affairs, but within the Vatican archives lies artifacts and all the hidden knowledge of our ancient past. The Vatican knows all the secrets. Knowledge is the most precious commodity on earth.

UNICEF describes itself as “the world’s leading advocate for children’s rights”. They are present in 190 countries and territories around the world.

Just as the Vatican knows all the occult secrets of the world, UNICEF knows where all the vulnerable children are… What if this intelligence was exploited by “elite” international child traffickers and organ harvesters?

Crazy! You might say. UNICEF is a great organization and could never be involved with such activities. They protect, care and provide for needy children all around the world.

While it cannot be denied that many good people with good intentions work within UNICEF, there are many serious questions to be raised about the organization as a whole, as well as its mother organization, the UN.

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As early as 1999, UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) was found to be promoting the ‘sexual pleasure agenda’ to pregnant teens in Mexico. The UNICEF-published sexual and reproductive health manual they used listed situations in which one can obtain sexual pleasure, including sexual responses directed towards inanimate objects, animals, minors and non-consenting persons (see below).

Image: An excerpt from a UNICEF-published sexual and reproductive health manual taught to pregnant teens in Mexico.


More recently, UNICEF was caught administering (knowingly) vaccines to girls and women in Kenya that were laced with sterilizing agents. Dr. Wahome Ngare, a spokesman for a group of doctors who helped expose the scheme after the test results came back positive, said, “The unfortunate truth is that the vaccine was laced with [sterilizing agent Human Chorionic Gonadotropin] HCG just like the one used in the South American cases.” He continued, “Further, none of the girls and women given the vaccination were informed of its contraceptive effect.”

The same thing occurred in Mexico, the Philippines and Nicaragua.

In the real world, this is called forced sterilization – a eugenics program. This is evil. Period.

What’s more, the UN itself is not only accused of child sex trafficking rings operating at its “peacekeeping” missions in various countries, but it is well-documented and admitted.

There are many more stories like these of the UN’s nefarious activities, that cannot be listed here for time’s sake, which make the speculation a very real possibility: All the intelligence UNICEF has on vulnerable children in all locations around the globe – their exact location, their circumstances, and perhaps detailed biological data – could be exploited by organ harvesters and child traffickers in high places directly or indirectly associated with the UN.

This concern is not beyond rational thought. It’s a matter of history that in the late 90s the UN turned a blind eye to its personnel being involved in human trafficking in Kosovo (they were reported by a whistle blower from within the UN who was subsequently fired). This true story was documented in the movie The Whistleblower.

It would seem there is much to applaud UNICEF for on the surface, but look deeper and you may see a very troubling scenario brewing. As we have seen time and time again, individuals and organizations, after starting out with good intentions and achieving a place of influence in the world, can be hijacked and used for evil purposes.

Image: Unicef.it

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