As Venezuela’s kleptocrats line their pockets with revenues from what’s left of Venezuela’s oil exports, children lie sleeping on cardboard in the streets, dying of malnutrition. This is the end result of socialism. It has failed every time.

Despite the dire conditions and severe food shortages continuing, with over one million Venezuelans crossing the Colombian border and fleeing to other Latin American countries, there are some individuals who are staying to help the children in need. Señor Juan, a local pastor who works for within Venezuela, has been able to help 70 children and 10 families with food, thanks to the generous help of others.

Señor Juan comments, “People are trying to sell anything just to eat. It’s really bad. This is really bad…”

He continues, “We are begging for help right now. Lots of children are dying in the hospitals because of the lack of food, lack of milk, lack of everything. Venezuela right now actually has nothing. It’s actually unbelievable. You’ve got to see it to believe it.”

Exclusive images: A few children in Venezuela receiving food and a Venezuelan boy gives thanks to God for the food provided for him by Señor Juan and This happens on a daily basis thanks to the generous support of others. (Señor Juan/ L.A. Marzulli)


Even animals from the national zoo were recently stolen, obviously to be killed and eaten.

Food prices are changing every hour.

The few people who do have fruits or vegetables to sell cross the border into Colombia and undercut the local market prices just to ensure sales.

As the people have been expecting civil war for the last three months, over a million have fled to Peru, Panama, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Interview courtesy of L.A. Marzulli. Featured image courtesy of Castor Favello.