In a world where the EU (European Union) is arguing for “human rights” for robots, where the Sophia AI robot is granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia, with claims that robots deserve families, and with projections showing that robots will replace 800 million human workers by the year 2030, it is time for people to take notice that technology may be taking us to a very dangerous place.

Elon Musk, founder of tech companies Tesla and SpaceX, admitted that Artificial Intelligence is like “summoning the Demon.” His concerns, whether sincere or not, have grounding in real discussions happening right now relating to technology’s relationship to demonic spirits.

“Techno possession” is a term coined by Steve Quayle, an outspoken critic of AI, robotics and where it’s all taking us. In a note back in January 2017, when linking to an article about the EU granting human rights to robots, Quayle said they were inviting Hell’s smorgasbord into their countries.

This is not a one-sided spiritual perspective. Individuals who are pro-robotics and AI also use spiritual terminology in their discussions, such as Geordie Rose, co-founder and chief technology officer of D-Wave (the first company in the world to sell quantum computers, which have the “Qubit” chip). He stated that, with technology, what we’re summoning into the world now are the “great old ones”, referring to spiritual entities.

CERN, an organization who use D-Wave technology, have admitted to pulling resources out of “other dimensions” and storing them in the “cubic.” This may sound like sci-fi or something created by “conspiracy theorists,” but scientists have expressed the same concern about wormholes and parallel dimensions, while worrying about what is being brought through.

After listening to the language of the top tech pioneers in the world, it isn’t hard to understand why Steve Quayle wrote his book Xenogenesis, or why he used the term “techno possession” to describe demons inhabiting machines.

If demons can inhabit inanimate objects such as children’s toys and make them move and speak (well-documented through past and modern history), there is no reason why they can’t inhabit today’s robots, computers and machines to the detriment of humans.

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