The Devil is always in the details, and if you look close enough at the content of some of the children’s books used in education systems and for sale in high street stores today, you will see a clear agenda to sexualize children as early as possible.

Pornography and sexual content introduces children much too early to sexual sensations they are developmentally unprepared to contend with, releasing dopamine (a chemical in the brain) at high levels it cannot cope with. This awareness of sexual sensation can be confusing and over-stimulating for children, causing damage that can last a lifetime if not treated.

Children generally do not have a natural sexual capacity until certain critical periods of childhood when the child’s brain is being programmed for sexual orientation (usually around 10-12 years old). During this period, the mind appears to be developing ‘default settings’ for what the person will be aroused by or attracted to. Exposure to healthy sexual norms and attitudes during this critical period is likely to result in the child developing a healthy sexual orientation.

Information about sex in most homes and schools should come in age-appropriate, calculated stages based on what moral parents, teachers and doctors provide from their knowledge and experience. But extreme sexual content distorts the normal personality development process and supplies misinformation about a child’s sexuality, sense of self and sense of body that leaves the child confused, changed, and damaged. Sexual deviance may become imprinted on the child’s brain and become a permanent part of his or her sexual orientation.

Neurons are the ‘wiring’ system (like pathways, roads and highways in the brain) that control everything we do (any action we do is produced by a neuron that has been stimulated by a thought or an outside influence). As we think, imagine and act, we are constantly redesigning and strengthening what looks like a road map in our brain (this is how habits form). The more we learn or think of something, the bigger that particular neural path becomes in our brain, making it easier to repeat a task or recall a concept we have learnt. This can be a good thing if we are learning or doing something that is healthy for us. However, if we are regularly watching or acting out negative, corrupted actions, we are creating what could become strong, harmful personal habits.

Memories or pathways created in the brain during childhood are difficult to erase, especially memories of experiences of emotional and/ or sexual arousal, according to psychologist Dr. Victor Cline’s findings.

Why are children being targeted to be sexualized as early as possible?

One major factor driving the early sexualization of children around the world is the big business of abortion and other lucrative ‘sexual and reproductive health care services’. In order to expand their business, organizations such as Planned Parenthood encourage graphic and explicit sexual ‘education’ products (Comprehensive Sexuality Education, or CSE) to be taught to the youngest of children, hoping to create life-long paying customers.
Organizations spend an incredible amount of money lobbying at the UN and also at national and state legislatures, promoting the use of CSE in school curricula, in order to expand their ‘services’.

One other factor which cannot be ignored is that so many politicians and high-profile individuals have been involved in pedophile rings entrenched within some governments and “elite” groups around the world, which so many people are now becoming aware of. To see sex with children normalized, and the age of legal consent lowered, would possibly free them from a prison sentence for their vile actions. This could explain why we see numerous governmental groups pushing to lower the age of sexual consent and most governments around the world allowing some form of Comprehensive Sexuality Education to be taught in schools.