Anyone paying attention to our cultural trends and world events today can clearly see something is seriously wrong. We do live in dangerous times and if don’t have a constant protection-mindset there is a multitude of threats that could harm our children.

Tens of thousands of children are being killed in unnecessary wars and conflicts by our governments. Millions disappear or are kidnapped every year by gangs and criminal networks. They are trafficked, smuggled, sold for commercial and sexual slavery, abused, used and neglected.

Our children are constantly bombarded with inappropriate sex and violence through our media and culture. Fed with confusion and lies. Their vulnerabilities exploited in numerous ways for our own selfish goals.

Pedophiles lurk in every corner of society, from the ‘dirty old man’ in the city street to the very highest levels of government. Children are their worthless prey.

Many are vaccinated with substances that our governments know are harmful and toxic. Some are taught sexual and reproductive ‘education’ at ages much too young with content that borders on pornography. Some are tortured, raped and sacrificed in satanic rituals all around the world. Millions are murdered even before they are out of the womb.

What is wrong with us?

If the truest measure of a society’s moral condition is the way in which it treats its children, we are in a very sorry and sinful state.

One could watch our world and almost be ashamed to be called an adult. For we, the adults (given the responsibility to care for and protect all children within our reach, not just our own) are collectively failing.

It is not business as usual. It is high time all adults educate themselves about what is really happening in the world today, and to be aware of any potential danger a child may already be affected by, or about to be affected by. Under the surface there is evil bubbling and boiling, and it desires to destroy our children.

Yes, there is a war happening all around us. Putting our head in the sand, ignoring the real and present threat, and trying to continue to raise ‘happy little children’ isn’t enough. The war is primarily spiritual war and therefore our children need strong spiritual protection through prayer. There is real and undeniable power in prayer.

The Satanists who use children in their occult rituals believe and know there is a devil. They do what they do because they receive dark power and influence as they carry out his bidding. So what of God? You better believe he exists and that he is good… He condemns and hates what we are allowing to happen to children on this earth, and he is actively and desperately searching for people who care enough to go out at any cost to save them.

Through the power and protection of Jesus Christ we can absolutely make a difference by fighting for the innocent life of all children. Search for the kids who need help, keep watch everywhere you go and pray against every child abuser and evil scheme that would destroy them.

We are in the midst of the biblical seed war: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed… “ (Genesis 3:15).