(Ruptly) – The Colombian office for migration installed the first automatic biometric passport control system in Bogota’s El Dorado airport on Tuesday.

Christian Kruger Sarmiento, Director of migration in Colombia, said, “Today we are launching ‘biomig’, a biometric system, a migratory biometric system, it is a totally automatic system designed for all Colombians entering through El Dorado airport. The main checkpoint in Colombia is where we are today. Here, at this point, 66 percent of the migratory movements of the whole country are registered.”

‘Biomig’ is supposed to reduce the once lengthy process of entry into the country to a matter of minutes for Colombians.

The scanning system works with iris recognition and is able to crosscheck if the person going through has any warrants to their name.

It is claimed this system in Colombia is unique and does not work in any other airport in the world, only South Korea having similar systems.

In real time authorities can verify national police, intelligence information, Interpol information, different national and international databases at time of crossing.


Expect more technology like this to be rolled out at borders all around the world. We are rapidly heading towards a global surveillance regime – a worldwide technocracy.

Image: Pixabay. Representational only.