The threat of genocide is all too real for the white population of South Africa. There has already been 119 white farm attacks in January and February of this year alone – and these are just the reported ones.

The attacks are all pinned and detailed in the map provided here.

Times are looking very dark for white farmers and the white population in general in South Africa. Only last week the ANC and EFF essentially approved the confiscation of land without compensation. This means every farm attack and land invasion from now on is legitimized. White farmers are literally being wiped out on South African soil and the government approves of it.

What’s more, much of the white population don’t have “family” outside South Africa’s borders waiting to greet them with open arms. They have no choice but to make a stand.


How you can help white South Africans now from your home

One of the best ways to help white South Africans is by supporting, who already have emergency plans in place. They currently have a fund raising campaign running (here at for vital necessities, especially diesel fuel because of its numerous versatile applications in conditions of war. They will also purchase medicine, radios, and feminine and pediatric items such as food, clothing, bedding and tents.

The events that are taking place in South Africa right now are being deliberately unreported by the mainstream media of the world. It is only with your help that white South Africans stand a chance of preparing for what has begun.