Last month the Irish government made a commitment to spend €116 billion to add one million people to the population. Ireland’s present population is only 4.7 million.

Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s first ethnic Indian and openly gay government minister, said, “It’s our big vision for how we want to reshape Ireland over the next two decades.”

The immigrants will likely be Muslims from Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

If they are awarded citizenship – the presumed intention – they will be entitled to family reunification, and each can bring in several further relations as a right. One million could turn into three and a half million – and that against the Irish population of 4.7 million.

Ireland will be destroyed. And of course, this is the intention.

International bodies such as the UN and the EU desire to strip nation states of their sovereignty, identity, borders and culture – to create a New World Order. For anyone who mocks that term as a conspiracy theory, it is happening in real-time right before your eyes. It’s real.

Ireland is being sacrificed on the altar to globalism.

Image: Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, Wiki