For anyone who isn’t already aware, white South African farmers are being slaughtered by blacks who desire a white genocide in the country. Over the past 18 months, no less than 7 senior black South African politicians promised white South Africans that a civil war is on its way. Most recently, the Minister of Defense spoke explicitly in a TV interview of a white genocide.

Only last week the ANC and EFF essentially approved the confiscation of land without compensation. This means every farm attack and land invasion from now on is legitimized. White farmers are literally being wiped out on South African soil and the government approves of it.

For most white South Africans, leaving the country is not an option. Many of them do not have the means to leave. Furthermore, obtaining a visa for the US or other western countries without a job offer or strong family ties is nearly impossible.


White South Africans are preparing to stand their ground, and you can help

White South Africans are preparing to stand their ground, even until death if necessary, rather than give any more way to barbarism in the beautiful country that their forefathers built with blood, sweat, tears, and faith in Almighty God.

For anyone living outside South Africa who desires to help in this fight, doing it through Suidlanders is probably the most effective method.

You can support them right now by contributing to Suidlanders Humanitarian Aid & Civil Defense Fund which was just recently started here on by Simon Roche of Suidlanders.

Suidlanders, based in South Africa, is an independent, non-state civil defense organization. They have already been preparing for such a time as this and they have emergency plans in place (find out more here at Suidlanders’ website).

Suidlanders’ fundraising campaign on is for vital necessities, especially diesel fuel because of its numerous versatile applications in conditions of war. They will also purchase medicine, radios, and feminine and pediatric items such as food, clothing, bedding and tents.

The events that are taking place in South Africa right now are being deliberately unreported by the mainstream media of the world. It is only with your help that white South Africans stand a chance of preparing for what has begun.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If anyone doubts the authenticity of the 
campaign, please see Suidlanders' Twitter page for confirmation.
Image: Marxist communists plan to attack white South Africans.