It was recently reported that thousands of dead starfish washed up on a beach in Lincolnshire, UK after a period of stormy weather. “Experts” say the animals were dislodged by rough waters in the recent storm that hit parts of the UK. Even though this could be the simple cause of the mass stranding, in a similar incident in Japan last year, starvation was to blame – after hundreds of starfish were found stranded in southern Japan, scientists said lack of food had made them too weak to hold on to the ocean floor.

There have been reports like these, of mass deaths of various types of marine animals, from all around the world in recent years until this present day.

The ocean is dying, but why? There are many ways in which humans are causing damage to the earth’s oceans, such as dumping plastics and other non-organic materials into the sea which are poisoning marine life. However, the role that global climate engineering is playing in regard to our dying seas must be considered as the most major factor of all.

Global plankton populations are now down by some 50% to 60%. When the plankton die, the oceans die. As already stated, there are many causal factors for this, but mathematically speaking the largest single factor is likely intense UV radiation due to a completely shredded ozone layer.

Plankton are not only an important food source for marine animals higher in the food chain, but they are a major source of earth’s oxygen.

Excessive UV exposure decimates plankton populations, and therefore it is reducing the quality of the air we breathe.

What is the greatest single factor in regard to global ozone depletion? Climate engineering.

The geoengineering insanity is causing irreversible damage to all life on earth. In addition to completely derailing all natural weather and irreparably damaging the atmosphere, the constant spraying of toxic metal and chemical particulates is contaminating the entire web of life. Not only is it causing sea life to die, but every breath humans take is laden with highly toxic nano particulates.

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Image: YouTube still