Fake United Nations Statelessness passports were uncovered during a police raid against counterfeiting operations in Saint Petersburg, Russia, according to footage released on Thursday.

The fake passports, which cost up to 100,000 roubles (US $1,750) each, were being printed and sold in a flat in the Russian city. Counterfeit driving licenses and certificates were also found during the search of the premise, according to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The passports are supposedly issued on behalf of the UN, despite no such passport actually existing… yet.

Even though this is a case of criminal counterfeiting, it is interesting that such a thing as UN passports were even in the minds of the counterfeiters.

Actually, it is likely that the UN will one day attempt to issue their own kind of passport for all people on the earth, doing away with national citizenship.

In the UN’s recently updated Agenda 2030 goals (their blueprint for world domination), they already refer to every single person on earth as “our citizens”.