Various bird populations across a now silent French countryside have collapsed, according to researchers. Over the the last decade-and-a-half they have disappeared on average by a third. Some species have dropped by two-thirds.

These results come from two studies which began at the beginning of this century – one national study, and one study from a large French agricultural area.

The scientists described the situation as “catastrophic”.

They speculate that the birds are dying because insects – the food source for the birds – are disappearing. They claim the insects are dying due to the heavy use of pesticides in agriculture, which is poisoning the ecosystem.

While the use of pesticides could be contributing to the huge drop in insect and, in turn, bird populations, there is one major causal factor the researchers may have overlooked: geoengineering.

The geoengineering insanity is causing irreversible damage to all life on earth. In addition to completely derailing all natural weather and irreparably damaging the atmosphere, the constant spraying of toxic metal and chemical particulates is contaminating the entire web of life.

The toxic nano particulates that are being sprayed into Europe’s skies are falling down into soils and plant life, killing the smallest insects and causing a domino effect in the food chain.

Geoengineering activities do occur in France, as in most of Europe and other regions of the world.

Image above: Geoengineered skies, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Photo credit: Martin van Agteren

Featured image: Representational only.