In the latest photos coming out of Venezuela, kids can be seen searching for food in rubbish dumps. Though there is still a little food available in select supermarkets in the country, due to hyperinflation, it is beyond the reach of many citizens.

A Venezuelan economist has described the country’s collapse as the “biggest economic collapse in the history of Latin America”.

Due to the hyperinflation and the crippling economic crisis, yesterday Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro ordered three zeroes to be knocked off the bolivar currency.

The measure to divide the bolivar currency by 1,000 will take effect from June 4, the socialist leader said.

It is reported by locals that the largest bill in circulation at the moment, the 100,000 note, can barely buy a cup of coffee.

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Featured image and image above: Kids and adults in Venezuela searching for any food they can find at waste collection locations. Image credits: L. A. Marzulli