It is obvious that the UK and US governments are deliberately lying to the world to justify military action against Russia. The sequence and pace of recent events make it look very much like preparation for immediate action is underway.

Only ten days after Sergei Skripal, a former Soviet and Russian spy, was found unconscious on a bench alongside his daughter Yulia, Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister, expelled 23 Russian diplomats (March 14th 2018) from Britain. May accused Russia of poisoning Skripal with a “nerve agent”, despite having no evidence whatsoever.

Skripal had been a double-agent for British MI6. He was in Russian custody from 2006 until 2010, when he was exchanged in a spy-swap, and could have easily been killed by Russia then if they so wished. The fact that they didn’t, and the fact that both Skripal and his daughter survived the recent attack suggests that May’s accusation is probably false.

Yesterday the US jumped on the same bandwagon of lies and expelled 60 Russian diplomats from US soil over the same Skripal matter.

At least 19 other ally countries of the UK and US have done the same in a coordinated effort.

These recent events seem to be the deliberate demonization of Russia to prime the public for a direct military confrontation that will likely begin in Syria.

Russian media has been reporting for several days that a US attack on Damascus, Syria is imminent. It is reporting that the attack will follow a false-flag chemical strike that will be blamed on the Assad government. Moscow has made it clear that it will not stand idly by if the US attacks Syrian government or Russian forces.