Thousands of Palestinian protesters gathered on Friday for the annual ‘March of Return’ at Gaza’s border with Israel to commemorate their ‘Land Day’. Israeli forces met the protestors with tear gas.

Footage filmed near the Israeli village of Nir Am captures thousands of Palestinian protesters in immediate proximity to the border with Israel.​

The annual rally takes place with the participation of Hamas top leaders to demand what Palestinian protesters say is their right to return to the homes of their families in what is now Israel.

At least 15 Palestinians were killed and over 1,000 were wounded.

Immediately after the incidents, Palestine’s permanent observer to the UN, Riyad H. Mansour, called on the UN Security Council to “shoulder its responsibility and take opposition” in the wake of the deadly violence.

The Palestinian envoy also mentioned a proposal “for an investigation about what happened with a view of bringing criminals – in our view Israeli occupying forces – to face justice.”

Image and video credit: Aqsa TV