A few weeks ago Turkey seized Afrin, a northern town in the sovereign country of neighboring Syria. Now the Afrin Liberation Congress, held under Turkey’s power following the capture of the area, has announced that the region will be governed as part of the Turkish province of Antakya, an independent Turkish news site T24 reported.

Syria’s President Assad will never accept turning northern Syria into a Turkish colony.

Turkey’s bold move makes direct war inevitable between Syrian military forces and Turkey’s military forces and proxies.

This is proof again of Turkish president Erdogan’s reckless and pompous dream to restore Turkey to it’s former glory and geographical dominance of the past – the Ottoman Empire.

According to reports, the Syrian region now under Turkey’s control will establish a police force of 450 personnel, and a governor and local governor will be appointed by Turkey’s central government.

However, as the region still remains legally part of Syria, according to international law the area must continue to follow Syrian law.

Image: Afrin, Syria. (Credit: Nazmi Dehni).