Today (Friday) will be another tense day at the Gaza-Israel border. Palestinians are seen here in the images bringing axes and tires to the protest they claim is peaceful. According to reports, Palestinian protesters have amassed about 10,000 tires to be burned at the border to obscure Israeli troops’ vision.

Today’s protest is part of Gaza’s “March of Return” campaign which started Friday March 30, and it resulted in violent confrontations with Israeli forces that left seventeen Palestinians dead and hundreds of others injured. The campaign is expected to reach its pinnacle around May 14, 2018, the date which reportedly the US Embassy will formally be moved to Jerusalem coinciding with the date the State of Israel was established (1948).

It must be remembered that the Palestinians’ “March of Return” campaign, consisting of a series of protests and demonstrations centered in the Gaza Strip, is the initiative of a terrorist organization – Hamas (for more details see our previous report here).

Images: Palestinians filmed bringing axes and tires to their so-called peaceful protest (Credits: Hananya Naftali).