At the protests on the Gaza-Israel border yesterday, Hamas’s Gaza leader, Yehya Sinwar, praised the Palestinians who turned out to confront the “enemy who besieges us”. The Jerusalem Post reported that he told the crowds: “We will uproot the borders, we will pluck out their hearts, and we will pray in Jerusalem”.

A government spokesman for Israel, David Keyes, accused Hamas (a terrorist organization) of organizing the violent protests on the border.

Though they claim it is a peaceful protest, yesterday Palestinians were filmed bringing axes and tires to the protest.

According to Gaza medical officials, Israeli troops shot dead 10 Palestinians and wounded at least 1000 along the Israel-Gaza border (Friday 6 April), raising the death toll to 30 in the week-long disturbances.

The protest is part of Gaza’s “March of Return” campaign which started last Friday (March 30) and is expected to last until Israel’s Independence Day celebrations next month.

Image: Men, women and children of Gaza burning tires, releasing clouds of black, toxic smoke on the border with Israel (Credits: “M.”).