Even at 6pm on a Saturday evening, the border crossing from Venezuela to Colombia is packed with people fleeing the Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s crumbling socialist regime.

President Maduro refuses most international humanitarian aid, including donations of vital medicines. The authoritarian leader continues to deny the country is in a humanitarian crisis. He considers the offer of international aid as part of an agenda by the US and political rivals to gain entry to the country and intervene in its affairs.

Though the president does accept some help from a few remaining allies such as Russia. And to be fair, the US and its associates have used humanitarian aid as a deceptive tool to occupy countries in the past.

However, whether it is caused by international groups or the national socialist regime itself, or both, the complicated situation in Venezuela is leaving children and the elderly in a helpless state. Medical care and supplies are simply not available, and any that are available are too expensive to purchase.

Elderly people are reportedly crossing the border from Venezuela to Colombia only to buy insulin for their diabetic condition. The medicine cannot be found at home, and if they don’t cross the border they will die.

It is even reported that people nationwide are resorting to taking long-expired medicines or waiting for unused pills to be passed down as people die. Some are even using prescriptions for household pets from veterinarians.

Image: The border crossing from Venezuela to Colombia at 6pm yesterday (7 April 2018). Credits: @dany_bahar.