Only hours after the alleged chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria last week, before any investigation into the matter could have possibly been started, the US State Department declared that the Assad regime was the culprit and Russia ultimately bears responsibility for it.

Similar ridiculous propaganda was fed to the public after the alleged poisoning of an ex-spy, Sergei Skripal, in Salisbury, England a few weeks ago. The UK’s Foreign Office was almost immediately reporting that Russia was behind it.

Anyone who questions the US and UK governments’ claims is branded the usual ‘conspiracy theorist’.

Yet there is still no evidence provided for the claims, and they seem to be rushing into war with Russia, Syria and their allies.

It is very obvious to anyone paying attention that the West wants war and they are not afraid to stage events and casually murder people to advance their agenda. They are power-hungry vultures seeking a larger piece of the Middle Eastern landscape for their own economic benefit.

Now we are seeing Russia having to deploy command and control planes to defend the battlespace in, over and around Syria. Russian fighter jets are being deployed to cover the offshore US ships. Russia has asked Iranian permission to fly heavy bombers through Iranian airspace to Syria. Both Russia and the US have deployed submarines, and we are seeing the US deploying command and control planes off the coast of Syria.

The war over Syria has already begun and the West is responsible for it, not Russia.

Image: The Pentagon, Washington DC, USA. US military headquarters. Commons.