(Ruptly) One of the alleged witnesses to the “chemical attack” in Syria last week, Douma central hospital emergency department worker Halil Ajij, said the victims brought into the hospital “had symptoms of asthma caused by smoke inhalation”.

Ajij explained that as the hospital staff helped the victims, an unknown man came in and said “it was a chemical attack”.

“People got scared, a fight broke out, relatives of those injured started pouring water on each other. Some others, with no medical education started giving children asthma medication. We did not see any patient with symptoms of chemical poisoning,” the alleged witness concluded.

Russian Ministry of Defence Chief Spokesperson Igor Konashenkov accused the UK of preparing the alleged chemical attack in Syria’s Douma, during a briefing in Moscow today.

According to Konashenkov, London provided the White Helmets with information that the Jaysh al-Islam militants were to perform artillery attacks in Damascus between April 3 and 6. The militant’s attack would then trigger a response from Syrian government forces, which the White Helmets were to use “to maintain the provocation with the so-called chemical weapons”.

Konashenkov noted that all of the Western countries’ allegations are based on footage from a Douma hospital, where the victims of the alleged chemical attack were brought.

“We managed to find those who are pictured in this footage and to question them,” Konashenkov said.

Image: Youtube still. An alleged witness giving testimony on the “chemical attack” in Syria.