Why there is a war on Syria

Syria has been gripped by what the mass media has called a “civil war” since 2011, but it is not a civil war. It is a deliberate, callous effort to forcibly overthrow Syrian President Bashar al Assad because he will not allow a natural gas pipeline from Qatar to Europe to travel through Syria.

At present Europe is heavily dependent on natural gas supplied by Russia. The US and Europe want to reduce that dependence on Russia greatly.

Syria is a long-time ally of Russia, and Syria’s President Bashar al Assad knew that a gas pipeline to Europe from Qatar would directly harm his Russian ally. So he refused to allow the pipeline to run through Syria.

This didn’t sit well with then-US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton then wrote a memo outlining how Syria is a threat to the security of Israel, and how the US should support people who want to get rid of Bashar al Assad.

Within weeks of that memo being published, agents from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) mustered together a group of religious fanatics and anyone discontented with the current Syrian government into what was called the “Free Syrian Army”. The killing began almost immediately.

As word spread in the Muslim world about the effort to oust Assad, more radicals got involved and, ultimately, the entire effort was co-opted by the Muslim Brotherhood.  At that point, every barbarian in the Muslim world headed toward Syria to get involved. Many of these militant fanatics eventually formed a group calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

These terrorists were being supplied with weapons, money, food and vehicles by many of the countries who stood to gain from the Qatar pipeline: Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey and others. Each of those countries would derive a fee for every barrel of oil that flowed through their country via the pipeline; billions of dollars are at stake. The US also aided these terrorists.

ISIS then forcibly took control of the oil-producing section of Syria.  They began stealing the oil and hiring tanker-truck drivers to take the stolen oil to Turkey. This allowed the oil to be re-packaged and sold on the black market. It is believed that Turkish President Erdogan and his sons profited tremendously from this smuggling. ISIS itself was said to have earned upwards of $100 million per month by selling this stolen oil. With that money, ISIS was able to hire and pay more militants to take over more land.

The Syrian Arab Army of the lawful Syrian government fought these people for years until becoming badly defeated. An exhausted President Assad traveled to Moscow to ask Russian President Vladimir Putin for military assistance. Putin agreed, and Syria welcomed the Russian Military help.

Russia began using its military might to attack ISIS. This did not sit well with leaders in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and the US, who then began supplying ISIS and the other terrorists with even more weaponry.

In the meantime, US Presidential elections took place which saw Donald Trump take office.

Donald Trump wanted to put a stop to what the US was doing in Syria, but the US “deep state” continued some of its clandestine activities despite what the President wanted.

However, the reduced US support combined with the Russian attacks was enough to crush ISIS.

Thanks to the Russian intervention, much of Syria is now back under the control of its lawful government, except for certain small areas.

Enter the US deep state once again.

As Syria and Russia make ever more progress on ousting the terrorists and US-backed rebels, strange incidents began occurring:  “chemical weapons attacks”.

One such attack took place last week in Syria. Chlorine gas was allegedly used in east Ghouta, a suburb of Damascus, on civilians by the Syrian government. International powers such as the US and UK almost immediately blamed the Assad government for this attack.

Yet this would be a strange thing for the Assad regime to do since Syria/Russia are actually winning in Syria. They have no need at all to use such weapons and attract another US military strike upon Syria.

Now that this has taken place, the US is strongly proceeding toward another – much larger – military attack upon Syria.

This brings us to today.

For the past three weeks, Russian intelligence and military have been warning that a “false flag chemical attack” was being planned by US-backed rebels. Russian intelligence showed that “victims” were being brought in with cameras crews, satellite up-links and such, all to set the stage for this sham.

The Russians also pointed out three weeks ago that the US had already massed numerous Navy ships in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea and in the Persian Gulf – all seemingly waiting for the sham attack to take place, and then they would have their reason for attacking Syria.

The majority of this article is written by Hal Turner from halturnerradioshow.com. Image: The proposed gas pipeline from Qatar via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey to Europe (Credit: Supplied).

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