The Syrian community in Buenos Aires gathered outside the US Embassy on Saturday to protest US-led air strikes against alleged chemical weapons facilities in Syria.

Protesters waved Syrian flags and railed against foreign intervention in the Middle East. A heavy police presence prevented the march from reaching the embassy building.

Supporters of the protest on social media made comments such as, “Latin America knows who the real dictators are” – referring to the US and their history of invading and occupying over one hundred countries.

Similar protests have taken place in other countries around the world including Venezuela, Greece, the US and Germany, decrying the recent US strikes on Syria.

The US, UK and France launched air strikes against multiple government targets in Damascus early on Saturday morning, targeting alleged chemical weapons sites as well as a Syrian military base in Homs.

The air strikes are a response to claims of an alleged chemical weapons attack on Douma last week. Syria and Russia have both denied the allegations, calling them “staged” and a “fabrication”.

Credits: Ruptly contributed to this report.