Protesters gathered throughout India yesterday to decry the brutal gang rape and murder of eight-year-old Muslim nomad Asifa Bano, and to demand the perpetrators be brought to justice. Candlelit vigils were also held, such as the one shown in the video below.

Reports indicate that on around January 13 this year Asifa was abducted from a field near her home, and was taken to a prayer hall where she was sedated and brutally gang raped for three days. She was finally strangled and hit on the head with a stone. Her body was found a week after her disappearance in a nearby forest.

The case has caused outrage across a religiously divided Indian region. The arrested men all belong to a Hindu community which has been tied up in a land dispute with Bano’s Muslim nomadic community.

Image: 8-year-old Asifa Bano (Credits: Shilpa Shinde). Video: Prayers for Asifa in a church in Kerala, South India (Credits: Muneer Asainnar).