GAZA – Various sources reported on the activity of the “Sons of Zouari” unit, which uses burning kites to fly over the border and set fire to Israeli fields. In an April 18 report, Al-Jazeera interviewed an activist, who, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, threatened: “Not dozens but hundreds of kites will be flown toward the enemies, burning their crops, and causing them confusion and panic, Allah willing.”

The Wattan News Agency, in an April 20 report, interviewed a masked activist, who explained how they prepared the kites, which are “just like the ones kids fly on the beach,” but used “for something more important – as a Molotov cocktail.” The report included footage showing the activists set fire to the kites and fly them, as people, including children, milled around. Mohamed Zouari was a Tunisian engineer with the Al-Qassam Brigades, who supervised the unmanned aircraft manufacturing program of Hamas, before his assassination in December 2016 in Sfax, Tunisia.

Report and video credits: The Middle East Media Research Institute (