A recently disclosed close-up picture of deceased pop icon Prince’s carry-on bag revealed interesting insight into the mind of the man who first hit the charts with his 1981 hit Controversy. Among the items inside the bag was the revised, updated and expanded edition of Genesis 6 Giants, written by Steve Quayle.

Based on what we know about Prince by those closest to him, he was extremely intelligent and in his later years, spent time seeking the truth about his existence and the larger purpose of our earthly presence. It is therefore interesting that his quest for spiritual truth included the book Genesis 6 Giants, for contained in this work is unparalleled investigative research into the days of Noah and findings that fill historical voids from the first days of man.

Should Prince have completed Genesis 6 Giants before his passing, he would have found the background and documentation for what many people have been seeking answers.

When told that found among Prince’s belongings was Genesis 6 Giants, author Steve Quayle provided thoughtful commentary to Tom Horn & Douglas Hagmann, the latter who contributed to the book’s Preface.

In a recent interview with Mr. Tom Horn, Mr. Quayle stated: “When one understands the circumstances of the spiritual conflicts that rage against us, and from within us, at the top of the list is the evolutionary lie that will lead the world into the great end-time deception that you, Tom, myself and others have written and spoken about for decades. The lie that is being set up and drilled into mankind’s consciousness is that ‘extraterrestrial aliens’ created us and are coming back to save us from ourselves, which the whole world will run after as the ‘apostate churches’ embrace the devils invite.

“Jesus is the savior of a broken, hurting world, which finds itself languishing in the shackles of emptiness, alienation and massive mental and physical pain. All the money, fame, fortune, and perks offered by the ‘devil’s delicatessen’ can never fill a hungry heart searching for purpose and meaning especially when confronted with the end of life.

“Jesus stated that He is the resurrection and the life and in Romans 10:13; it says: ‘For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.’ I pray that Prince called out to Jesus in the closing moments.”

This article is written by Jon Robberson. See the full article at HagmannReport.com. Image provided by The Hagmann Report/ Micahmedia.