Yesterday, Friday 11, before the “March of Return” protests ended at the Gaza-Israel border, dozens of Palestinian rioters vandalized and ignited fires on the Palestinian side of the Kerem Shalom humanitarian crossing in Gaza.

The protestors broke into the Gaza side of the Kerem Shalom goods crossing where humanitarian supplies are delivered to Gaza. They ignited a pipeline that delivers gas from Israel and torched a goods conveyor belt, causing damage to the infrastructure which is intended to benefit Gazan residents.

Israeli officials estimated that more than $9 million in damage was caused.

The “March of Return” protests have been held weekly since March 30 by Palestinians at the Gaza border with Israel, clashing with IDF soldiers and throwing rocks, firebombs and kites with flaming objects attached.

Rioters also set fire to the same Kerem Shalom crossing between Israel and Gaza last week.

Image: Kerem Shalom goods crossing set ablaze by Palestinian protestors (Credits: IDF).