Israel is bracing for another day of violence today (Tuesday). Yesterday Israeli defense forces beside the Gaza border killed 62 Palestinians during protests that coincided with the controversial opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem and “Nakba Day”.

The confrontations spiraled into the bloodiest day the conflict has seen in years.

According to the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) 40,000 rioters amassed on the border, using explosives, guns, molotov cocktails, and even arson kites to breach the security fence. Prior to these events, the IDF dropped leaflets into Gaza warning the residents not to approach the fence.

“These riots represent unprecedented violence,” Brig. Gen. Ronen Manelis, the IDF Spokesperson, said about the riots led by Hamas, the Islamist terror group that rules over the Gaza Strip.

The IDF claims that under the cover of this violence, Hamas has been attempting to carry out terror attacks against Israelis.

Palestinians say they are protesting peacefully.

Israeli security services are expecting a similar level of violence today and the IDF continues to be on high alert as Palestinians observe “Nakba Day” – their “day of catastrophe”, when they remember the date a number of Palestinians were expelled from their land as the state of Israel was established in 1948.

Image: Palestinians protesting yesterday (14 May) at the Gaza-Israel border fence (Credits: IDF).