An exit poll conducted by RTE, an Irish broadcaster, on the Irish national referendum on the Eighth Amendment predicts a Yes vote of 69.4% with a No vote of 30.6%. The sample size was 3,800 voters.

According to RTE, the exit poll was conducted in conjunction with a number of Irish universities. An exit poll is an opinion poll of voters taken outside polling centers after they have submitted their vote, giving researchers an indication of what the overall result will be.

The official count will begin this morning between 8 – 9am, and first results are expected from early afternoon. In past Irish referendums, the overall result has been declared as early as 2.15pm and as late as 7pm.

Voters are being asked if they wish to scrap a 1983 amendment (eighth) to the constitution. Currently, the eighth amendment of the Irish constitution protects the life of the unborn child and prevents lawmakers from changing legislation on matters of abortion.

If the exit poll is accurate, the eighth amendment will be removed and abortion will be allowed to become a common practice in the land of Ireland.

Declan Ganley, a No voter commented, “When due to the snuffing out of their human rights, the first of countless thousands of Ireland’s unborn children are killed in Irish clinics or hospitals, all those that voted No can at least know you fought the good fight to try to save those little ones.”

Image: Pixabay. Representational only.