SYRIA – The U.S.-Israel alliance is preparing for a new long-term war in Syria by reapplying the Daesh-PKK charade in the south after it was employed in the northern parts of the war-torn country, Yeni Şafak writes.

Speaking exclusively to Yeni Şafak daily, the former political official responsible for the Jaysh al-Mujahedeen Zakaria Moulahhafji said that “Western powers are planning to first eliminate Iranian and then Turkish presence in Syria.”

Over the past two months, Israel struck 79 targets of the Assad regime in Syria, killing 400 Shia militants, said Moulahhafji.

“By beginning in the south in Golan, Quneitra and Daraa, and then spreading to Jordan and Syria’s border with Iraq, all these regions will be targeted under the pretext of targeting all Iranian and Shia militants in Syria,” Moulahhafji added.

“The plot to carry out to the southern corridor plan is in full-swing. The U.S. has been watching Shia groups for six years. It has added them to terror lists to legitimize Israeli attacks.”

The Daesh model

“The U.S. and Israel are preparing for a long-term war in Syria. They paved an illegitimate route for the PKK under the pretext of Daesh. Now they’re applying the same model with Shiite groups to the south. Over the past days, Shia militant groups in Syria such as Hezbollah, Asaeb Ahl al-Haq and al-Nujabaa Movement were added to the terror list.”

“The campaign launched by the U.S. in Syria in 2015 this time marches on from the south. Israel is actually on the field. By breaking the ties of Iran-backed groups to Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, they will manage to clear them from Syria.”

Turkey is next

“Israel wants the Sweidaa-Quneitra axis. The U.S. wants full control of Hasakah and Raqqa, in addition to Deir Ezzor. It’s setting up permanent bases to the east of Deir Ezzor, in addition to the preexisting ones in Tabqah, Rmeilan and Tanf.”

“After eliminating Shiite groups that are fighting in Syria, they will spare no effort to clear out the Turkish military presence in Syria that spread across large swaths in Afrin, Idlib, Jarabulus, Hama, Anadan, al-Bab, Azaz and Shobanbey. The U.S., which suffered a clear defeat and a decrease in influence following operations Euphrates Shield and Olive Banch, will attempt to exact revenge.”

Image: Afrin, Syria (March 17 2018) up in smoke as Turkish forces take the city and claim it as their own (RNS Stock).