TUCSON, ARIZONA – A team of child rescuers from Veterans For Child Rescue, a non-profit organization that fights child trafficking, made a disturbing discovery near an abandoned plant off I-19 highway in Arizona, United States. 

Craig Sawyer, a veteran Navy Seal who founded V4CR in April of 2017, was tipped off by others about the suspicious location. He told KGUN9 in an interview: “They brought me into the camp and showed me under the underground bunker.

“It was basically a giant plastic container with a hole only small enough for a child to crawl in and out of. And it was angled in such a way … and it was buried underground, that a child – a small child – that was in there could not have gotten out on their own.

“There’s … it looks like a child’s car seat, strollers and children’s toys, and clothing, and food packets, and stuff like that – so clearly children had been kept here.

“But one thing that was really disturbing was, there were arm restraints, wrist restraints on two trees angled like this [motions with his hands]. Friends of mine that are investigators that do a lot of stuff on the border state, said, ‘Craig that’s a rape tree. That looks exactly like wrist restraints for a rape tree. It doesn’t look like anything else.’

“This is clearly a disturbing and wrongful thing going on. It’s inhumane, it’s shocking and upsetting to any decent adults.”

Veterans For Child Rescue’s mission is to assist law enforcement and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) to eliminate domestic sex trafficking of minors within the United States.

During the 2016 US presidential elections when emails from the DNC were leaked and made public by Wikileaks, it came to much of the American public’s awareness that child trafficking and pedophilia was a major problem in the country. Most shockingly, it appeared that high government officials such as John Podesta were involved in such activities to an international degree. In his emails that were leaked, he frequently used code words that are used universally by pedophiles and child pornographers.

Craig Sawyer has dedicated his life to raising awareness about the darkness infesting his communities, as he puts it. His aim is rescuing victims of child trafficking and putting the predators behind bars.

Along with V4CR investigating pedophile rings (VIPR teams), Craig utilizes his military experience to run covert tier one operations all over the country, working with good men and women in law enforcement to keep kids safe.