Buenos Aires – Thousands of gender and abortion rights supporters in Argentina took to the streets of Buenos Aires again yesterday demanding an “end to femicides” and access to legal abortions. The protest was mainly organized by a feminist movement, and is the fourth such protest to occur in the last three years.

One protester commented, “Argentina is fighting for legal abortions law and for all the women who get killed every day,” referring to the statistics that between 370,000 and 520,000 abortions are carried out every year in secrecy in Argentina, with women dying in some cases due to complications in the procedure.

In Argentina abortion is only legal within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy in the case of rape or if the pregnancy presents a danger to the mother’s health.

The congress in Argentina is reviewing the abortion laws and will possibly decide next month to liberalize them, similar to what happened in Ireland last week.

Image: Buenos Aires, June 4 2018. Abortion rights supporters took to the streets demanding free and legal abortion services (Credits: @sophiasgina).