SYRIA – James Perloff, a veteran journalist who has written controversial articles on who was really behind the 9/11 attacks in New York city, acknowledges that there are major monetary motivations behind the Syrian conflict such as oil deposits within the country that western powers want to control. But interestingly, he believes there is a much deeper, spiritual motivation behind all the different layers of the situation, namely Christian genocide.

In a recent interview with Jim Duke, James notes that many Syrians are supportive of their President Bashar Al-Assad, especially Christian Syrians, as it was because of Assad ruling Syria as a secular nation that allowed them to practice their faith freely.

James says, “He [Assad] does protect the Christians and … there is a spiritual element to this war on Syria, which has been backed by the West through our proxies Saudi Arabia and Qatar supporting Isis and Al-Qaeda and Al-Nusra.

“Syria, I would say, right now is the last and strongest stronghold of Christianity in the Middle East – it is where, according to the Bible in the book of Acts, the Christians were first called Christians. In Syria they’ve had a continuous presence for 2,000 years. There’s almost 2 million Christians there.

“I believe this [the Syrian conflict] is part of spiritual warfare. I understand that under Saddam Hussein … [Iraq] did protect the Christian churches. But now in Iraq the Christian Church is all but wiped out.

“If in fact Assad was overthrown … and Isis and Al-Qaeda take over, you would see genocide of the Christians there. I think that’s what the Luciferians want.

“It’s true that they’re drilling for oil in the Golan Heights. It’s true that they want the natural gas and the oil that’s been discovered in Syria and that there are monetary motivations, but I believe at the apex of their motivations is the desire to rub out that historic Christian presence that’s been there for two millennia.”

Image: Christian Syrian soldiers in prayer at church before they go into battle against western-backed terrorists who have invaded the sovereign nation of Syria (Credits: James Perloff).