CHINA – Further cases of persecution against Chinese Kazakhs have recently occurred in China’s northwestern Xinjiang, reports ChinaAid.

The Chinese government has forbidden relatives of imprisoned Kazakh citizens who traveled to Kazakhstan to visit them in “re-education camps”. A woman named Ainor has stated that her son was illegally imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. Commenting on the state of her son, Arxin, Ainor stated: “My son, who was plump before being arrested, pined away in the prison”.

There are several stages that measure prisoner progress in the re-education camps. Stage one is the “class under strict management”. Those who pass the first stage advance to the second stage, which is the “class under loose management”. Prisoners are required to recite the Chinese government’s 26 characteristics of illegal religious activities and write tests in Chinese and not in their native tongue.

A previously released prisoner revealed that those who speak their own language will be beaten and locked in a chamber. The prisoners have to write letters guaranteeing their silence upon release, promising never to leak any information about the camp. If they do, their family members will be arrested.

Image: Representational only (Copyright Pexels). Report written by Brynne Lawrence; Editing by RNS Staff.