Week ending 24 June 2018

VATICAN CITY – (Reuters) A Vatican court on Saturday sentenced a Catholic priest to five years in jail for possessing child pornography while he was based in the United States as a diplomat.

CZECH REPUBLIC/CUBA – The Czech government on Friday backed draft legislation that would make the country the first post-communist member of the European Union to legalize same-sex marriage. Likewise in Cuba, where homosexuals once suffered harsh repression, a new reform-oriented constitution is being drafted which could pave the way for same sex marriage, director of the National Center for Sex Education said, according to AFP. The developments in both countries are not directly related.

ISRAEL – Despite previous opposition from Israel’s Welfare and Social Affairs Ministry, a draft bill to allow same-sex Israeli couples to adopt children was proposed by the current government coalition Wednesday, according to reports from Hadashot, 

GREECE – Finance ministers from Eurozone nations gathered in Luxembourg Thursday to discuss plans which would see debt relief for Greece and enable the country to emerge from its third bailout.

CANADA – Toronto police have issued a Canada-wide warrant on charges of inciting hatred for a Christian who handed out flyers at the 2016 Toronto Pride Parade warning of the spiritual and biological dangers of sodomy.

ITALY – Matteo Salvini, Italian Minister of Interior, caused international outrage after he suggested a register for all Roma citizens and the immediate expulsion of those who committed crimes that are not Italian citizens.

SWITZERLAND – A record 68.5 million people have been forced flee their homes due to war, violence and persecution, notably in places like Myanmar and Syria, the UN said on Tuesday from Geneva, AFP reported.

CHINA – Authorities in Qaraqash county, in northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR), have detained nearly half the population of a village in “political re-education camps,” according to a local official.

TURKEY – Turkish voters head to the polls June 24 to decide whether to give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan even more control, in what is being called his biggest power grab yet.