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Demonic activity

The spiritual world of good and evil is a reality none of us can escape, and children are not immune from it either.
Behind many of the topics listed within this article there is direct demonic influence, such as in SRA. The Satanists who do this—who kidnap, abuse, torture, rape and murder children—believe and know there is a devil. They do what they do because they receive dark power and influence as they carry out his bidding.

Yes, the dark side is real and everything connected to it is real, such as Ouija boards and other occult paraphernalia. But there is also a God and he is good. He has given us power over every evil thing through Jesus Christ and we can use his name to protect ourselves and our children (widely reported in the UFO abduction phenomenon).

Satan has a passionate hatred of humanity. He hates us because he hates God, and we bear the image of God. The image of God in us is most pure at our youngest—that’s why Satan hates children so much and seeks to harm them.