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Fetal tissue market

The tissue of aborted babies is used to make many vaccines in circulation today. Human cell strains provide a culture medium for the growth of viruses which are needed in manufacturing the vaccines, and they are more economically viable than animal cells.

Besides use in vaccines, it is now beyond doubt that a massive industry exists in which harvested pieces of dead children are sold for other medical experiments or transplantation into animals. According to former abortion clinic technician Dean Alberty, clinics were harvesting eyes, brains, hearts, limbs, torsos and other body parts for sale to the scientific market. More and more, laboratories are seeking human bodies to test new drugs or procedures, or for researching the causes of genetic disorders. The trafficking was taking place inside abortion clinics run by Planned Parenthood, who now have an even greater incentive to kill baby humans.

Now fetal cells are also used in development of food products and facial care products, as the use of human fetal cells for vaccines has proven so successful and profitable with so little public outcry.