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Malevolent for-profit corporations, NGOs & other institutions

This topic is so vast and it really requires an open mind as many of the related topics are considered ‘conspiracy theory’. However, the threat of danger to individual families and children posed by big organizations of all kinds is all too real. For some it is quite obvious and for some it is too challenging to their worldview to accept it.
Just because a corporation, a product, a government, a medical institution etc. is widely approved and accepted by the mass public doesn’t mean you should automatically trust it. If you start digging into some basic questions you might be very shocked at what you find. For example, did you check a list of every ingredient that is in the vaccine the government wants to inject into your child’s body? What exactly is in the tap water you and your children drink every day? What exactly are teachers teaching your children at school? What exactly is in the food we eat?
We have a responsibility to question everything and do our research. The fact is that many big organizations that many people blindly trust do not care one iota about the individual child and we must be on our guard.