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Medical experiments

In March 2013, the American public reacted sharply after U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius asked a presidential commission to see if it was ethical to test an anthrax vaccine on children.
Though the study did not go forward, it shows the mentality of certain individuals and groups in the medical community: that children are guinea pigs that can be tested on.

A paper from 1943 unearthed recently in the Canadian national archives reveals that a quack scientist tested children at the Brandon Indian Residential School in Manitoba for psychic abilities. The children were already being used as test subjects in medical experiments as well as nutritional ones, which mainly consisted of starving them.

Yes, various medical experiments have been carried out for a long time on unwitting participants, many of them children. We argue that certain vaccines being injected into children today are also a component of current medical experiments being done against the will of parents and children.