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“Pedogate” (also referred to as “Pizzagate”) refers to the independent citizen investigation of pedophilia and child trafficking carried out by certain members of the global elite. The leaked John Podesta Emails hint at deeply entrenched and protected pedophile networks operating with impunity at the top levels of government and politics in and through Washington DC and the world at large. The investigation initially focused on a group of businesses on Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC and their potential connection to a child trafficking ring. While this investigation began at Comet Ping Pong (Pizzeria), it involves multiple businesses and numerous connections around the globe.

The name Pedogate/ Pizzagate is simply an easy-to-remember convenience, referring to what has been called “Pedocracy” which is the suspected, likely informal, association of elite individuals that use pedophilia to organize, manage and discipline their efforts to dominate or disproportionately influence outcomes in matters of interest. That includes government as well as politics — executive, legislative, judicial, lobbying, military, intelligence — as well as media, business, finance, law, medicine, accounting, technology, academia, think tanks, philanthropy, endowments, etc.