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Pedophilia, or child sexual abuse (CSA), leaves its victims profoundly vulnerable to a host of personal challenges. In fact, every major social issue affecting the education, personal relationships, addictive behavior and mental/ physical health of children today all-too-often shares the common root cause of childhood sexual abuse.
Though these crimes of indescribable betrayal by adults frequently remain cloaked in silence, they are visited repeatedly in the minds of the child victims. The aftermath of such trauma can no longer be disputed.
Since child sexual abuse is most damaging and long-lasting type of child abuse, prevention is of utmost importance.
While it occurs at unacceptable levels in all countries, pedophilia in ‘developed’ countries is perhaps an epidemic. The potential risks come from every area of society, not just “creepy old men” who look dangerous. There are powerful people like Jerry Sandusky, who look and sound well-meaning and hold prestigious positions, and yet, they are actually pedophiles laying in wait to prey on innocent children.