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Pharmaceutical & medical industries

The pharmaceutical industry is completely enmeshed with the modern medical system. This is dangerous because the pharmaceutical industry is a for-profit industry, does not have human welfare as its priority, and it holds power over the medical industry in which so many of us put trust…
It is well-documented that pharmaceutical companies bribe doctors to use their drugs and researchers to produce positive results for their drugs. As a result, more than 80 percent of all medical treatments used in America have been untested by rigorous peer reviewed study, yet the medical establishment insists that alternative holistic health treatments must undergo these before they can be used. The system is highly flawed and we must be extremely cautious of entrusting the health of our children to such.

A case in point is Tenet Healthcare, a company that was heavily sued for its illegal and unethical behavior: abducting people (mainly kids) that didn’t need medical treatment in order to defraud Medicare. Later they were caught performing dangerous unneeded cardiac surgeries out of greed.