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Political pedophilia

Sadly widespread and entrenched within national and international governments, political pedophilia is a method used to blackmail politicians and other people in key positions of authority. It is probably masterminded and carried out by top intelligence agencies and the “elite” who have a specific agenda to control global events.
Political pedophilia/ blackmail is an extremely effective strategy that irreversibly compromises and corrupts the political class. Of course, this is done by setting up the politician with lurid sex crimes, especially those involving child sexual abuse and trafficking. Even many good politicians are lured into attending an event that is presented in one fashion, only for them to be treated to a Satanic child sex ritual late in the night when they should have been home in bed. Their very attendance at such a scandalous crime scene allows them to be blackmailed and/ or bribed over the rest of his or her political career (as photos and film are purposely and secretly used to record the scene).

This topic is vast and horrific, and it deserves further and constant research. It involves the smallest national governments all the way up to the United Nations itself.
The evidence is now well-documented on the Internet for anyone wanting to find out more.