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Pornography introduces children much too early to sexual sensations they are developmentally unprepared to contend with, releasing dopamine (a chemical in the brain) at high levels it cannot cope with. This awareness of sexual sensation can be confusing and over-stimulating for children, causing damage that can last a lifetime if not treated.
One major factor driving the early sexualization of children around the world is the big business of abortion and other lucrative ‘sexual and reproductive health care services’. In order to expand their business, organizations such as Planned Parenthood encourage graphic and explicit sexual ‘education’ products (Comprehensive Sexuality Education, or CSE) to be taught to the youngest of children, hoping to create life-long paying customers.
Organizations spend an incredible amount of money lobbying at the UN and also at national and state legislatures, promoting the use of CSE in school curricula, in order to expand their ‘services’