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Technology relating to children is a topic of much debate and there are no real conclusive studies that show how much use of technology is safe or unsafe. But watching a screen for long hours at a time for no other purpose than leisure, or playing violent video games, is not going to benefit a child at all.
There are obvious dangers of technology if children not are supervised or guided with it, but if used intelligently it can bring great benefits. We can utilize the information that is now freely available to us via the Internet to enhance the education of the children under our care. However, the current global trends and projections for wider uses of technology we are analyzing at Rebezi House are giving us cause for concern, particularly in the areas of 5G Internet, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Transhumanism. All these topics contain some very dangerous possibilities.
The agenda to connect everything and everybody on the globe through wireless communication is a topic every parent needs to study as their children are heading into an era that is very different from any before. Are they prepared?